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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jun 10, 2019

Hey HBs! We're back with the final part of Bully by Penelope Douglas! Hear more about The LOOP!, girl-on-girl crime, sex in an autumn storm, and the caper of a lifetime. 

Bonus Content: Always Be My Maybe, Erin's motorcycle trip and subsequent hypothermia, and Celine Dion's All Coming Back To Me Now music video. 


Self-Love Recommendations: 

Erin: Busy Philipps is a QUEEN whose show Busy Tonight got cancelled on E!. And she proceeded to do a meditation on lady love and knowing your worth in the final two episodes. The biggest take away: "you're running a marathon, but the trick when things go sideways, is to realize the marathon you're actually running." 

Melody: Episode 13.5 of Fated Mates called "Freewheeling." It's all about women's bodily autonomy and reproductive issues like pregnancy, miscarriage, still birth, abortion, and more, and centered in romance! 



Be sure to pre-order today's sponsor novel Blood Captive by Kim Loraine for just $0.99! The novel releases on June 17. 

Here’s the description:

He wanted me for my blood…

Living on the run was all I’d ever known. My life was unstable, but at least I wasn’t alone. That all changed when my mother was murdered.

I ran from the unknown creatures she’d always feared. Until the day I stopped being afraid. That was my first mistake.

Cashel Blackthorne took me as his captive, but more than that, he opened my eyes to the terrible truth of the world. Vampires exist, and I am the key to their salvation.

The Blackthorne vampires need my blood but their prince desires more—me.

There’s something between us neither of us can deny. He is my captor, but I’ll be his ruin.



Michele K, you are a Goofus Bird, a backwards-flying taloned bird of prey that flies backwards and builds your nest upside down. You have a turkey-like head, long green neck with silver scales, a black right wing and a pink left wing, which sounds kind of nuts, but trust us, you’re working it. The Goofus marches to the beat of its own drum. The Goofus is often perceived as silly and aimless, but underestimating you is a big mistake. You know exactly where you’re going and what you’re doing. That’s why you don’t even need to look. Maybe your nest is upside down, or maybe your nest is the only one that’s right-side up.


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