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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Apr 8, 2019

Hey HB's! Erin joined cult favorite Cole on his podcast to recap the best rom com of all time, The Cutting Edge. As a former competitive figure skater and semi-professional podcaster, Erin jumps right in and tells Cole what he’s been getting wrong in the podcast (a lot), drops scorching hot takes, and gives you all the on-the-ice details you need. Don't worry guys, she's only seen this movie at least 185 times and she STILL took detailed notes. Listen to just how deadly the “Pamchenko Twist” is, why Olympic figure skating shouldn’t be done in the dark, and Erin’s theory about Terry O’Quinn’s acting method (hint: it all starts with facial hair). “Toepiiiiiiiiick!!!!" 

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