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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Dec 31, 2018

This week Erin teamed up with her friend of fifteen years, Cole, a straight man and novice romance reader, to read The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert. It's a romantic suspense story set in the seedy world of Boston's Irish mafia (or underground?). Do you like Logistics with Erin? Because this episode is basically a two-hour rant about how the mafia and FBI work, with some high praise for *very* good sexytimes, banter, and dirty talk! Plus, we've got in-depth discussions of the critically acclaimed masterpiece, We Bought a Zoo, high school plays, the Bold and the Beautiful, the secret reason Cole needs to go to the Cracker Barrel in Victorville, and more movie references than any of you ever wanted. Spot Conlon! Brooklyn!  

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