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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Dec 17, 2018

Hey HB's! We got into the Christmas Spirit by reading two novellas within this anthology called Heiress Alone by Joanna Shupe and Meet Me In Mayfair by Tessa Dare! Each of these wonderful novellas are tied together by Sarah MacLean's family shortbread recipe and they are just as scrumptious as your favorite holiday cookie. Patrons should stay tuned for our recaps of the other two novellas, because those will be coming soon! Happy Holidays! 

Bonus Content: 

Our Christmases: David makes eggnog by hand, Melody is a crazy person when it comes to cards and has opinions about when it's appropriate to start your Christmasing. Erin waxes more philosophic about how her story is a time travel novella. Hear all about the best way to survive the cold; it involves shared nakedness, sleeping bags, and Fox Moulder's infinite wisdom. We give you a pro-tip about watching the movie Atonement. Hear all about Melody's strategy at events with passed appetizers. And Melody continuously shuts Erin the hell down.

Patreon Shout Out:

Mary F., you are one of the many descendents of the Hydra. Like all quote, unquote villains of history, the hydra’s story was told by the victor and omitted the hydra’s many wonderful qualities. As a water-dweller, the hydra took many of her characteristics from her surroundings. She was principled, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t adapt to a change in the flow. She was highly emotionally intelligent and an empath, which is something you’ve channeled in your existence; so deep was her emotional intuition that she often needed time away in her cave to recharge after interactions with others. More than anything, though, was her power of persistence and regeneration, which have both suited you well in your life. When knocked down, you’re not one to stay down. What many don’t know is those powers didn’t come from her poisonous blood or breath; no those are just a mark of her species. Her powers of regeneration and persistence came from her loyal, abiding, and protective heart. She could not leave those she loved to suffer alone, so she would reinvent herself at any attack to ensure their safety and happiness. You, Mary, you have that same deep well of vigor and rejuvenation and you use them well.