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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Dec 4, 2018

Hey y'all! I feel like we haven't hated something for a MINUTE. Well, get stoked because we... didn't like this very much. We've got a hot mess heroine that was even too much for Melody and a douchenozzle hero who thinks he wants a wife, but is really looking for a personal assistant/status enhancer he can take to the bonezone. Will they see that they're perfect for each other? Probably. Will they be right? WHO KNOWS; THIS IS ONLY PART ONE. 

Content Warning: clumsy and sometimes downright gross treatment of a transgender character, and illusions that Trump is the hero's actual hero throughout. This was published in 2005, though, so try to keep that in mind. 

Bonus Content: Melody is wearing her Reindeer Mafia Onesie! Rooster is getting old. Erin divulges that on paper Melody would confuse and annoy her; thank goodness we know each other in person! Plus, all the snake imagery, misunderstanding of kundalini yoga, and imagined vaginal attacks you probably never knew you needed. 

Lady Loves: 

Erin: Holistic Tarot Agency Podcast. Co-hosted by an HB, it's all the witchy, tarot, giggly content that can make Erin's pagan heart soar. Also, they accept questions, so participate! 

Melody: 1. Set some boundaries and be brutal in enforcing them. Your interpersonal relationships will thank you in the long run. And 2. Aromatherapy booties. They're hot! They're cold! They smell amazing! They will relax and delight you. 

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