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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Nov 26, 2018

Heyyyyyyyyy HB’s! Many of you have requested books from Sarah J. Maas’ series A Court of Thorns and Roses and we are here with book 1! Book two will follow after Melody’s maternity leave. We meet Feyre, a human girl who’s taken on the burden of providing for her fallen family, and Tamlin, a Faerie High Lord who needs to win her heart in order to break a curse and save the world. Book 1 is such a BEAUTIFUL introduction to this world, but it’s also super dense. We may have fudged some details here and there. We may have done things out of order. We might have taken some liberties in our tangents. Whatever, we loved it! Tamlin is a big sweet dummy and Rhysand is the sexiest king of the night in Everdom. Also, NECKBITES.

Bonus Content: Erin hates Melody’s current TMI just because pregnancy is gross, GOAT joins us in the recording studio, Melody says District 11 when she meant 12, we talk about stupid titties and ungrateful sisters, Erin accidentally admits a food group you can’t expect, Erin has to endure an entire book with a GOLD MASQUERADE MASK *shudders,* and we discuss how we’d react to a Calamari Party with enchanted wine. Spoiler alert: Melody’s tits would be out.

Lady Love Recs:

Erin: the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno had a wonderful bonus episode featuring Dame Emma Thompson AND IT WAS PURE MAGIC. She talks all about her theory on sex education with her daughter, her whips, and is generally just the Queen we all want to worship.

Melody: you know that To Do list you might be neglecting? Is it mocking you? Are you lying awake at night? If so, bite the bullet and get stuff done! It feels so good to get those accomplished and cross them off the list, or remove the post-it from your to-do board.

Patreon Shout-Outs:

Katie T., you are a shining descendent of Cerberus, watchdog of the underworld. By nature, you're very kind and protective, shepherding those under your purview with great care. However, you have high standards for your loyalty and you're not afraid to dish out consequences to those who step out of line or abuse others. You have great respect for the arts, talent, and the beautiful in this world, so you've been known to show your soft underbelly when pampered by someone you trust. You also may only have one head, but you retained the cast amount of wisdom that Cerberus packed into each of his 3 brains, so your capacity for knowledge AND empathy is a thing to behold.


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