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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Oct 1, 2018

This week we finish up our discussion of A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole. Part 2 takes place IN THESOLO! Can Ledi solve the puzzle of the disease outbreak while learning more about her homeland and, perhaps, taking her place as it's future queen? Can we handle Thabiso's disney eyes and talk of happy endings? Can we handle the cave sex? 

Bonus Content: 

Erin's at-home London Fog, a quick discussion called "what are lattes," one woman shows, the most romantic socks EVER, Melody's theory that donkeys with literally any name are funny and adorable, Alaskan cattle drives are still not a thing, and so much more. 

Self-Love Recommendation: 

Melody - Pay attention to the ping pong balls (the things necessary to make you a happy, well-adjusted person) in your life and make sure you start with those. If you start with the jelly beans and sand, you'll have no time for the things in life that are essential to your happiness.

Erin - Bare Minerals new matte lipstick that's infused with cocoa powder!