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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Sep 24, 2018

Hey HB's! We're here with Part 1 of Alyssa Cole's A Princess In Theory. It's Book 1 of her Reluctant Royals series and SUCH A GREAT READ. We've got Naledi Smith, a public health grad student with 3 jobs and a good head on her shoulders because she was a life-long foster kid and knows she can only rely on herself. Then there's Thabiso Moshoeshoe, her long-lost betrothed, an African Prince, and a person she's never even heard of. He's determined to find out why her family disappeared and was never heard from again, but when Naledi mistakes him for just a regular guy, Thabiso embarks on an elaborate plot in the name of getting to know her better. 

Bonus Content: Ember says goddamnit in front of his grandmother! We geek out over getting a DM response from THE ALYSSA COLE, Erin stumbles into the phrase "oiled up toddlers" (YEESH), Erin's tale of quitting dramatically, we swoon over the idea of experimenting with the tensile pressure of a beard on thighs, Melody waxes poetic about her Sex Ed Boner, Self-Assurance Boner, and Competency Boner. Erin worries about garlic, sleepy kisses. Melody expounds on the merits of a hot guy with a matriarchal religion. And Melody and Erin talk about the first "I love you's" they heard from their beaus. This is a doozy! 

Lady Loves: 

Melody: making friends as an adult is hard. So, if you meet someone you think you might connect with, do your best to push past the first few awkward pauses and see if there's something there! Melody met a woman who might turn out to be a great friend, but she wanted to take the escape hatch at every pause in their first conversation. 


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