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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Sep 10, 2018

Hey HB's! This week we read After We Fall by Melanie Harlow. It's a contemporary novel with a soul-searching, rich girl heroine and an emotionally isolated widower who's still navigating symptoms of PTSD. There's a farm. There are attempts at chores. There are accidental meetings. There are dubious outdoor decisions outdoors. There's some peeping. There's some excellent dirty talk. And TREE SEX. Oh yes. 

Bonus Content: Erin is SO SICK! Rooster's probable Telegram Company. Melody's Bubble Bath. The Alaskan State Fair. Our thoughts on dudes with pastel whale shorts, boat shoes, and a disgusting sense of entitlement. A discussion of how to be a friend. And how Melody might employ gymnastics to coat your car in all sorts of nonsense if you don't offer her the bathroom. 

Self-Love Recommendations: 

Erin: Consider taking the leash off. Erin was too scared to let Rooster off the leash for years and this weekend she proved herself to be an ecstatic off-road adventure dog! Your loved ones could surprise you.

Melody: Make sure you're registered to vote! We've got some important upcoming elections whether local, state, and national elections. Your voice matters! 

Patreon Shout Out: 

Hannah M., you are a pixie of mischief, wonder, and good humor. Always up to try something new, spending time with you is always a novel experience. Most pixies care little for the garb that adorns their bodies, but your love of costumes and the theatrical make you an even better traveling partner and random acquaintance. The gusto you put into each new task, whether it's making mischief with those you love, making merry, or snuggling with a furry friend makes you a delight to be near. And although those wings are shiny and your mind quick, those around you should take care to think of you as well. Your deep bag of magic can be used for good as well as ill, cutting sarcasm, and all kinds of right good set downs.

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