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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jun 25, 2018

Hey Commuters! Get ready for this super-sized episode! We read After the Wedding by Courtney Milan! He's a biracial, unrecognized nephew of an Earl. She's a Lady with a tragic past and a refusal to give up hope for lasting happiness. They're inexplicably set up and married at gunpoint by two members of the clergy! Can they find out how much they're worth while unraveling the mystery and proving the legitimacy of their annulment claim? Will they put everything to the test and choose each other forever? IT'S GODDAMNED GORGEOUS. 

Bonus Content: How much does Erin love the sound of her own voice? Melody's strenuous preschool arts and crafts project. Adventures in childhood hair cuttery. Pride corner with Erin and Melody. Erin's new confusion over #15 from Team USA. Erin's longstanding obsession with the plural of octopus, and the revolution it saw in the English Language. And.. is this finally the thing she can bond with Courtney Milan over IRL? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.



Liz S. - You are a benevolent Fury who uses her considerable power and prowess for only the best intentions and outcomes. And Erin says you're a Harpy in the best sense of the word :)

Jacqueline W. - You are a phenomenal Siren who has used her voice to bring so many unsuspecting sailors to Heaving Bosoms Island. The beauty of your voice is matched only by the beauty of your mind and spirit.

Kellie P. - You are a loving Pegasus who holds so much on her shoulders with such grace ans surety. Plus, you're so much fucking fun.


Self-Love Recommendations: 

Melody - commit to yourself again if you need to. I haven't been doing nearly enough of the self care routine that keeps me content, so let's do it together. Get your facemask on, get back to the gym, drink your coffee in the sun, whatever you've been slacking on that's good for YOU, get to it. 

Erin - "The sun is warm and the grass is green." When you're feeling overwhelmed, just repeat that to yourself to become grounded again. If it's good enough for both Mr. Miyagi and Courtney Milan, it's good enough for us.