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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jun 18, 2018

Hey Esteemed Listener!!! We have a very special episode this week: an interview with author Sarah MacLean! Sarah is a best selling romance author, romance columnist, two time RITA Award winner, advocate, and hugely celebrated lady we have big crushes on.

In this episode Melody got to sit down with Sarah to discuss her new book Wicked and the Wallflower, book 1 of her new Bareknuckle Bastard series, which comes out on June 19, 2018 (TOMORROW!!!!). She talks all about her inspiration for the Bareknuckle Bastard series, the parts of Englandtimes she's uncovering by stepping out of the traditional ballroom setting, and the themes of Wicked and the Wallflower.

We talk her research and writing process and learn all about Ada Lovelace, who is a Regency Era woman who is widely known for being the world's first computer programmer and a mathematician, but is also LORD BYRON'S DAUGHTER. Whhhaaaaattttt?

And of course we chatted about feminism in romance, how that impacts historical accuracy (spoiler: not much), and Sarah's tribe within the writing community.

As an added bonus, while discussing her reading catnip, Sarah recommends novels we should read, as she is wont to do:

Priest by Sierra Simone

The Unrequited by Saffron Kent

Unlocked by Courtney Milan (Novella)

Never Sweeter by Charlotte Stein

The Player by Kresley Cole


Don't worry, y'all, her love of Tom Hardy comes up, too!


Self-Love Recommendations:

Sarah: Fresh Cosmetics in general, but they do an eye cream that makes her super happy.

Melody: Try to overcome imposter syndrome whenever you can. If you can, you could find yourself sitting across a table from SARAH MACLEAN. **Squeeeeee!**


Be sure to get Wicked and the Wallflower for a delicious Englandtimes read that steps outside of the normal ballroom setting and into the streets of London. It's a tale of outsiders, has a bad-ass lady lockpick heroine, a scarred, deep hero named DEVIL, and all the plotting you could wish for. Plus, all the tingles in your bathing suit parts.


Check out her website and social media! Her website has an INCREDIBLE list of over 180 romance novels she recommends.

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Instagram: @sarahmaclean



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