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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Mar 12, 2018

Hey HB's! We're back in Shark infested waters with Beard Science by Penny Reid. Cletus Winston in is the 3rd brother of 7 siblings in Green Valley, TN and he's the wiliest of the bunch. Meanwhile, Jennifer Sylvester is the Banana Cake Queen of Green Valley and Instagram infamy. Her Momma has BIG plans for her.  What started as a natural talent for baking has become a full-fledged exploitation situation. Can Cletus help her change her life and find out who she really is? A blackmail scheme just might entice him to help... and maybe just fall into the deep hue of impossible her purple eyes. 

This is a listener recommendation from Sallie of The Woolslayers youtube podcast! She and her friend Allen get together and talk about all the GORGEOUS projects they're doing. These ladies are super talented. 

Youtube Page:

Instagram: @woolslayerspodcast

Bonus content: Melody has new holes in her face! Erin saw a big ol' baby on a flight. Fun with misheard lyrics. Rooster the Dog is having a hard time. Lotion?! Who needs lotion?! Could Erin and Melody run a cult together? What plays in Erin's head every time she badmouths Fiona? All that and WAY MORE.

Self Love Recommendations: 

Erin: Check out the spotify playlist "Reading Jane Austen at Downton Abbey" for a EXCELLENT music to read by. 

Melody: Have you wanted to do something and always held back? DO IT! Melody's piercings make her super happy.