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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Nov 16, 2020

Hey HBs! It's part 2 of In the Company of Women by Kate Christie! We get more WW2 Women's Army Corps goodness and an HEA! Plus, 1994 classic Nell, dumb inspirational posters, and more! 

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Erin: Tazo Dessert Tea in Lemon Loaf

Melody: exfoliate your whole body and the amazon playlist "music of the 2000s"

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Meredith H, you are descended from Marzanna, the polish goddess of Winter. I think of her as an old-timey Elsa. She’s often depicted while sewing, but I like to think of that as old-timey knitting. She’s a real opposites attract kind of gal, as she was the consort of Dazbog, the sun god. I think that just like you, Marzanna brought people together. She created the icy weather that brought families to their hearths to knit and play boardgames. She increased the hours with which people could spend quality time with those they love most, at home, or at their favorite yarn store. Plus, she’s powerful enough to create ice monsters and build ice fortresses, yet wise enough to overcome her self-loathing and fears to flourish in her family’s love. To hone her abilities and own her power. So you keep organizing your people to spend quality time and create change, whether it’s in the icy season, or when your modern Dazbog is inviting everyone outside. 

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