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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Oct 26, 2020

Hey HBs, it's our first sexy ghost!!!! Come join us for Halloween Boo by Sarah Spade. It's a lovely tale of a ghost who falls in love with the woman who lives in the apartment he's haunting and gets the 24 hours of Halloween to become corporeal! He not only *gets* a boner, but he GETS TO USE IT! And Spade does a ton of fabulous references to Halloween classic Hocus Pocus. 

Bonus Content: 

The "Murder Smolder" TM, the naughty lobster who must be punished, Erin tells us about her ghost, how we (as opposed to the heroine) think about "reading romances," setting the mood for masturbation, how Melody is a Fuck Yeah Florence in that department, thawing ice cream?, swiping cum across your cleavage? Is that a hot?, The Halloween Boo Challenge, erections as medical miracles, "where is my lollipop boyfriend," and so much more!

Lady Loves: 

Erin: have you watched Practical Magic already? It's NOT WEIRD to watch it again or 5 more times if you need to! Also The Craft! 

Melody: did you forget there was a lobster in Hocus Pocus? TIME FOR A REWATCH!

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Katie T., you are descended from Kupala, the Slavic goddess of herbs, sorcery, sex, and midsummer. She’s basically a deity who can do it all, and will, just like you! You’re the epitome of “competence boner.” A connector of people and a ride or die down bitch for those you love. So, grab your favorite herbs and spellbooks and celebrate the things you love no matter the season. Unlike Kupala, you’re not confined to summer alone. Since I met you on a gorgeous November day, I can attest that you’re a certified sexy beast no matter the season.