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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Sep 21, 2020

Hey HBs! Were you in a reading slump? Well, you're not anymore! You Had Me at Hola is such a delicious, heartfelt, funny read from start to finish with some super hot sexytimes! Like, yes please! Come for the former soap opera and telenovela stars, but stay for one of the best narrative devices Melody has ever seen. READ THIS BOOK.

Bonus Content: Erin speaks Spanish, Melody narrated an audiobook!, Erin liberates her tits in front of you, Erin has a cider and enlists HBs to take notes on the book for her, David mountain bikes before a wedding and breaks all his bones, Melody struggles with the phrase "breakthrough role" and instead pantomimes a rocket for your ears, ABS ABS ABS DICK, private room karaoke pros and cons, the Disney show "Zoe and her Space Pants," and SO MUCH MORE.

Lady Loves: 

Erin: Funny Or Die has a series where they tell you the plot of Telenovelas and show clips that's amazing.

Melody: Set up a video chat for your toddlers! Even if they've never met before! 

Episode sponsor: 

Always a Princess by Clyve Rose! It's an Englandtimes novel between a Romany Princess and an English Rake! 

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The Black Romance Podcast is an absolute must listen! Host Julie Moody-Freeman is creating an oral history of Black romance by interviewing Black writers, editors, and other industry professionals about the history and experience of writing HEAs for Black characters. Follow her on twitter as well! 

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