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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

Hey HBs. Hello! You're back for part 2! Will these two crazy kids make it? Oh you know they *do* but now we know so much more about the cars that get them there! 

Big apologies for the recording issue we had. We love our fancy microphones for a reason. 

Bonus content: Mel is the best song writer and knows a ton about back roads, the audio pronunciations made Erin feel right at home, cars cars cars, #justiceforrosalie, Twilight vampires poop either blood or plasma (you're welcome), Bella's wet dog scent really does it for Edward, Erin was a racecar for a while?!, and SO MUCH MORE. Seriously, this ep is jam-packed. 

Lady Loves: 

Erin: This article from Slate entitled "All 349 'Murmurs' in the Twilight Saga, Charted and Ranked." This important journalism brought her great joy. Also, scrunchies ARE back, damnit!

Melody: Bad Lip Reading videos of Twilight. 

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Podcast Plug: Hot & Bothered is doing Twilight In Quarantine