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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Aug 24, 2020

Hey HBs! We've gone to THE THEATRE with Act Like It by Lucy Parker. This enemies to lovers, fake relationship novel between two West End actors is a big swoon! 

Bonus Content: Melody is a professional, Erin's mom needs us to discuss: why do dudes like it when ladies wear their shirts? What's that about?, ALERT ALERT circle the wagons it's time for a Vampire Diaries intervention with Erin!, actually-bad first kisses in an enemies-to-lovers, a fete! which we totally know, LOVERS OF GIANT VEGETABLES, re: Vampire Diaries - "it's good for me it's good for me it's fine. I'm fine. I'm under control and I'm fine!", Erin loves the way this hero feels about kids, the secret to good cuddles, having a complex about your hair smelling like pizza crusts, the charm of a fake out neg, Melody actually liked a montage sex scene and she's confused, *Bing Boong Bong* Logistics with Erin: how get all those m&ms on that fruit pie??, elusive Indian cooking shows, and so much more! 

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Melody and Erin: This video of Mindy Kaling and Kamala Harris cooking Indian food! 

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