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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jul 13, 2020

Hey HBs! We're here with Melody's new obsession STRANGE LOVE by Ann Aguirre! An alien romance with a talking dog! Effortless inclusivity! A pairing competition that's as if Gladiator had a baby with Love Island! Consent boners abound! Please, please take this 2 part breakdown as the gift it is and read this book!! 

Bonus content: Melody gives Erin bad compliments and herself a haircut, a listener story about accidentally sharing Heaving Bosoms with a pink-haired goddess in a fast food drive through!, Chitin? is that "kitten?" is that "chitten?" IS IT "CHITLINS," the endless wonder that is a talking dog, a human who seriously rolls with the punches, for the first time ever Heaving Bosoms gives bad advice (re: alien toilets), the invention of ROPE??, and so much more. 

Lady Loves: 

Melody: The L Word: Generation Q, chia seeds in your brown rice, and peanut butter cookies with chopped up peanut m&ms. 

Erin: Monster cookies! They're dairy free and gluten free! 

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