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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jan 8, 2018

READER RECOMMENDATION, Y'ALL! Thank you Stephanie for taking the bribe and bringing Maddie and Logan into our lives! 

In this episode we swoon over When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare. It starts in England Times, but quickly travels to Highlander Times. I know, Erin had a hard time keeping up. Just get yourselves ready for a talented, career driven English gentlewoman, a loyal Scottish highlander with depths you can barely measure, a blackmail marriage scheme.... and lobsters. 

Bonus content: Melody's Bagel War, Erin's muppet text messages, Melody's stance on orphans and sexytimes, and how lobsters actually make all the love.

Self Love Recommendations: 

- Google the National Geographic's article on lobster fornication that Erin's boyfriend found. So interesting! Educate yourself! 

- Practice Gratitude and have a goddamned Dance Party. Melody is taking stock of all the wonderful things in her life in the face of some pretty terrible. And dance parties with her toddler help a hell of a lot. Also, if you can't hear it, Erin is the most immediate and adorable empathetic crier.