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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Apr 13, 2020

Holy tits, HBs! KATEE ROBERT IS HERE! It's Katee Robert! Melody joins Katee to recap The Mummy! Why yes, this is such a big deal that Mel feels Katee deserves top billing on her own podcast. Woo! They recap The Mummy together and chat all about what a hot Gryffindor Brendan Fraser is and what competence porn Rachel Weisz's character Evie is and omg how sexy is that mummy, though, right? 

The Beast comes out TODAY and you NEED IT. Hurry. Click the link!

Bonus Content: 

The Beast and other Wicked Villains deliciousness, Katee's new series set in Olympus with retellings of Greek myths, Troy the movie and the impacts it had on Mel and Katee's romantic lives in the early aughts, how much we will forgive if you do something for love, #themummysowhite, Rick O'Connel drop the weapon and get in our pants, Evie how are you so competent and sexcellent?, holy wow the mummy is so hot, hey white people stop waking plagues and abusing locals, the Sleepy Colonizing Misogynist, and so much more! 

Lady Loves: 

Katee: EMDR walks to help with stress

Melody: Vitamin C serum for your face

Episode Sponsor: 

THE SINNER by JR Ward! It's #18 in her Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.

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Madison W., you are a cockatrice, a majestic two-legged dragon with a rooster's head. You are a feared and powerful beast. Closely related to the basilisk, the death-darting eye of the cockatrice can kill a man with just a glance. To hatch a cockatrice, a seven-year-old rooster must lay an egg under a full moon, and a serpent must care for the egg for nine years. This very complicated hatching system has made you one of the rarest creatures in all of mythology. You've actually become so famous and legendary that you appear in the Bible and Shakespeare and Harry Potter. The only weakness you have is the call of a rooster, so don't go anywhere near Erin's house.