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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jan 13, 2020

Hey HBs! We're here with Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuinston! It's an enemies to lovers romance about the First Son of the United States and a Prince of England. OMG. The writing is stunning, the banter is delectable, and the romance is full-body-tingle-inducing. It's the best book either of us read in 2019. 

Bonus Content: Melody's drunk on hot chocolate, Rooster has several new jobs and worried Erin with her snoot problems, ROYAL BONERS, *Bing Boong Bong* Turkey Bombs with Erin, and so much more! 

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Darleen C., You are a bowtruckle, an super-smart best friend stick insect that is peacable and shy until someone tries to cut down your tree. If anyone, especially a tree surgeon, threatens the bowtruckle and its friends, you will jump out of a tree and gouge out the attacker's eyes. But if the person offers the bowtruckle snacks, it usually buys them enough time to get away. What can we say? You like what you like and we support that.

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