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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Oct 21, 2019

Hey there listener! We're kicking off year three of this crazy ride with a guest host! Fan-favorite Cole is back to discuss The Right Swipe by Cole's very favorite author, Alisha Rai. Join us for this smart, super hot contemporary about a take-no-shit CEO and the sexy football player that is the spokesman of a rival company. Get ready for some enemies to lovers, Hufflepuff-Slytherin cinnamon roll goodness!
CONTENT WARNINGS: Alzheimer's, CTE/TBI, emotional abuse, sexual harassment
Bonus content: Cole has a serious, not creepy crush on Alisha Rai, saying "yum yum" during oral sex: is it sexy?, Cole doesn't know any modern dating terms despite going to high school with Erin, Varsity Blues, Mark McGrath freaking out on a teen, sweaty cakes, glitter, Grandpa Joe is a fake and a liar, and Chekov's ex-boyfriend.    
Lady Loves
Cole: nostalgic music playlists, Popeyes crispy chicken sandwich, seeing old movies on the big screen
Erin: homemade dunkaroo dip