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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Sep 30, 2019

Hey HB's! We're here with The Covert Captain, or A Marriage of Equals by Jeanelle M. Ferreira, a historical that's so historical, even two ladies who can read and understand Shakespeare couldn't quite decipher it a lot of the time. What we understood, we loved, though! It's about a Captain in the army with a Big Secret and the spinster with nothing to lose bonding over pianos, horses, promiscuous relations, and the idea that ladies are capable and worthwhile just as they are. 

Bonus Content: Melody's apologetic spoken word poem, Frogs, *things* eating their own tails, secret passage ways, duckies (not), absconding via windows, diets of postage, and so much more. 

Lady Loves:

Melody - Tracy Chapman. Listen to her. She's amazing. And Lizzo's MTV Music Awards performance in front of a giant inflatable ass. 

Erin - MBMBaM episode 413: Faster Car. Hilarious! 

Patreon Shout Out: 

Ariel LG, you are a sphynx, a fearsome majestic lioness with the face of a gorgeous woman. The word sphynx comes from Arabic for the terrifying one, which is kind of an understatement. The great sphynx is the ultimate protector and guardian, devouring all that cannot answer her clever riddles. She has super-high standards for men to get past her, and she should, because she's a literal lion goddess. You are so fierce that Ancient Egyptians believed just a statue of you could scare off those that might disturb the great pyramids. They were right. Just the idea of you is scary and awesome. Never change.