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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

In the land of many tangents, Jenn R (SHE GOT HER SHOUTOUT DAMMIT) and Nat discuss why you should not ALWAYS rub soy candles into your skin, give a Jackie Collins shoutout, breakdown some retails woes, and do a condiment DEEP DIVE! Jenn was joined in the studio by her dog, so there may be some clickety clacking of little feet in the background. Jenn R is the maker at Post Pour Co and makes soy based candles that smell AMAZING! HB exclusive candles are available on Etsy.

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And on Monday, listen to Heaving Bosoms Proper for Ice Planet content! We’re rereleasing our episode on Barbarian’s Mate to celebrate the new podcast being made by Dani from Black Chick Lit! If you haven’t listened to the Ice Planet Podcast, you’re missing out. Dani is joined by a new guest each week to recap and discuss each and every book in the original Ice Planet Barbarians series. And… there’s going to be some people you know joining her in the next few weeks!