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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Feb 12, 2018

Hey you Hot Bitches. We love you. So, so much. But there's been some shite going down with both Erin and Melody which has required us to do a little bit of recalibrating. Until Melody can realize her dream of making this podcast her full time gig, we need to take our own self love recommendations and do what's best for our sleep and sanity. So! Every week you will still have podcast, but some books will be split into 2 part episodes. 

We will also redo the schedules we post and just list the next 10 books we're doing without dates accompanying them. You can still read along! 

We both appreciate everyone who's reached out to us and we fucking LOVE this podcast, so it's not going anywhere. 

Love and light, babes!