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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jul 22, 2019

Hey HBs! Come join us for the end of Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris! In addition to Sookie and Vampire Bill's HEA (or HFN? WHO KNOWS!), Erin and I tell you all about "The Melody" from Erin's wedding, we hate book Jason but Melody LOOOOOVES TV Jason, we get real with Tweety Bird, and question how we've done orgasms our whole lives? 


Jenny P., you are an acolyte of The Norns, or the Fates of Norse mythology. From Skuld, or she who is becoming, you get your widely celebrated connection to, and ability to interpret, the future. Only someone like you could capture both the beauty and support that tarot has to offer and make it tangible for so many. From Urd, or that which was, you get a millennia of human experience baked into your bones. You draw from this wisdom daily, especially when it counts. Finally from Verdandi, or that which is becoming, you get your impressive ability to be present. No matter what life throws at you, never underestimate the value of just being you when shit inevitably hits the fan. It’s not about saying or doing the “right” thing, it’s about being there for those you love, and your instincts won’t let you do anything else. 


This episode is sponsored by Love and Gravity by Rebel Carter! It's her first rom com and a multicultural STEM Hufflepuff romance with a curvy Latina lab queen and swoon worthy reformed bad boy. One reviewer gushed, "Anton and Grace are hilarious, flawed, sweet people who I fell in love with right away! This book is witty, fun, and emotional. And it has ladies killing it in STEM!”"

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