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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jul 9, 2019

Hey HBs! Due to a gross but minor health issue, Erin was unable to read about sexy vampires last week. So, we put Sookie on hold and discussed everyone’s favorite new Netflix romcom, Always Be My Maybe! Next week we will return to our normal reading list!

Bonus Content: A little on Erin's wedding, loooooots of Keanu love (his thumbs!), and so much more! 

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Crystal T, you are a Splintercat, a ferocious feline legend of the Pacific Northwest that has incredible speed, can fly, and has an uncrackable skull. You basically fly at top speed into trees to knock the raccoons and bees out so that you can nom on raccoon meat and honey. You’re apparently the cause of all the dead snag trees seen around the Northwestern United States. There’s a bad rumor that Splintercats are mean and very moody. Lumberjacks are advised to never approach a Splintercat in a bad mood and leave gifts of food when in doubt. It’s not the best reputation, but hey, men leave you alone except to give you free food? If you don’t want that gig, we’ll take it.