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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jul 1, 2019

Hey y'all! We're here with JenReadsRomance from twitter and Fated Mates Podcast glory to chat about Cinnamon Blade: Knife in Shining Armor by Shira Glassman! It's an f/f novella starring a superhero and a nerdy assistant. There's aliens, there are consent boners, there's public sex, there are puns... in the words of Cin, "heart eyes!" We loved it. 

Plus, lots of Melody and Jen not being able to remember names of movies and important comic book characters, so the usual! 

Self Love Recommendations: 

Melody: Coffee concentrate ice cubes! Yum!

Jen: Do something naughty in the middle of the day. Like have an alcoholic beverage! The light of day makes some regular old things feel illicit and nice. 

Episode Sponsor:

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Misty HL, you are a Joint Snake, a legendary creature from the Southern United States that can break itself or be cut into teeny tiny pieces and magically reassemble like nothing happened. One account says that if the Joint Snake is cut with a knife, it will make the knife into a new piece of itself, making it even stronger than before it was cut. Seriously, do not fuck with this snake, she’ll just use whatever comes at her to come back even stronger. Resilience is her superpower.