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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Dec 11, 2018

Hey HB's! We finish up our discussion of Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips! 

Bonus Content: Alaskan earthquakes, month-long Christmas for very pregnant Melody, more stories of Rooster the Dog, our demand for discernible lady orgasms and maybe some goddamned foreplay, Melody is almost defeated but then goes ape-shit over depictions of disordered eating, gaslighting, that time Erin got 3 pairs of FUBU jeans because her mom was MAKING A STATEMENT, and so much more!

Self-Love Recommendations: 

Erin: earthquake putty. Do it! Do it today! Get it done! 

Melody: don't fucking take it anymore. If you feel like you need to be polite and always brush things off, know that you don't. Own your outrage and express it in any healthy form that appropriate for the setting, x3. Your default will usually be less than what is appropriate for any setting. 

Special thanks to Jenn at Post Pouring Company for the amazing Keep Being a Bad Ass candle! It got Melody through the editing she had to redo last-minute.

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Jenny N., you are a descendent of The Fates, the three sisters who use their prowessin the textile arts to tell the future of mortals. Like these three, you're talented with fabric, expressing yourself with piecework. You can take a collection of what other would call "nothing" and turn it into a gorgeous work of art that keeps people as warm as your personality, aura, and heart. In short, positively toasty. You've also taken your ancestor's cold talent for premonition and turned it on it's head by shaping the future of anyone who encounters you with your vast wisdom and bottomless empathy. You might untether people, but instead of cutting their life cords, you cut the leashes keeping them bound to their own sense of limits, insecurity, and to the voices in their heads telling them they can't. You're truly inspiring.