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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Jul 9, 2018

Hey HB's! We're back for The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn! It’s a friends-to-lovers romantic comedy with some slapstick antics that had us in stitches! Rosie is an aspiring romance novelist who hasn't gone "all they way" ... or anywhere, really. Henry is her best friend of 5 years who's just biding his time until she notices him. When Rosie decides to put herself out there and have sex to gain the experience she needs for the novel (at Henry's urging), hilarity ensues. Yes, like all rom-coms in the 90's and 2000's, it's also a little problematic. So. Full disclosure, Melody may have gotten on a soap box or two.

Bonus Content: Learn about Erin's illicit bread, the end of #cockygate, why the virgin trope in contemporaries rarely works for Melody, a discussion of all the Chris's and which is best, adventures in DivaCups, we find a line Mel won't cross (even for Erin), Erin sheds light on her thoughts on bowling hygiene and the scene in Anchorage, TEQUILA and why it doesn't work, we all get a lesson in eating tacos, a discussion on whether oral sex is "relaxing," and HOW TO BE MELODY'S FRIEND (surprise, surprise, it involves TMI).   

Featured Segments: Law and Order with Erin, TMI with Melody (throughout), and a brand new segment, Melody Briefly Morphs Into Erin! 

Patreon Shout-Out: Natalie M-M, you are a beatific wood nymph. You can inspire with your joyous energy alone and your abilities in the outdoors make you an excellent partner for anyone's adventures. Who doesn't love a lady with survival skills?

Self-Love Recommendations: 

Erin - SUNSCREEN. Don't think your makeup is all the sunscreen you need. 

Melody - Hide veggies from yourself if you have to. They need to get into your body, so if you need to blend them in a shake, cook them in your eggs, or make a puree, DO IT. Veg are everything!