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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

Sarah Wendell is here! That's right, the resident Smart Bitch who loves Trashy Books is on Heaving Bosoms! She introduces Melody to the wonders that is the Lords of the Satyr series with NICHOLAS by Elizabeth Amber. It's a Paranormal Historical Erotic Romance that is nuts. It's so bonkers. It's got such a problematic tapestry of consent issues that Melody wasn't phased by at all. There are Fuck Sprites. There's double dicks and a bonus appendage that Sarah has hilariously dubbed "the zamboni of love." IT'S EVERYTHING MEL HAS EVER WANTED, purple prose and all! 

Sarah: Give yourself a manicure! She has become quite proficient in PandemicTimes and gives herself weekly manicures. The bonus is that she's forced to STOP and relax while her nails dry. 

Melody: Get yourself pumped up. When you don't want to complete a task, put on some Jock Jams and you will be ready to take on the world! 

EPISODE SPONSOR: Debut nobel WHAT COMES AFTER by Blair Leigh. It's a heartfelt contemporary filled that tackles grief, anxiety, and is filled with tons of lady love and hope! Get it now!


Sylwia P, you are descended from Jezda, or Jezi Baba, a Polish wild woman goddess who was the epitome of creative and badass. Jezi Baba is portrayed as a witch who flies through the air in a mortar, using the pestle as the rudder. No one can follow her because she sweeps away her tracks using a broom made of human hair. Her house in the forest revolved around because it sat atop 3 pairs of chicken legs THAT DANCE. Look, you’re 30 now and that means truly embracing yourself. Turning 30 in 2020 gives you extra power. So, when things get overwhelming, lean into your Jezdaness. If those who approach you for help are pure of heart, feel free to expend your energy to make the world better. If they’re not pure of heart, or haven’t properly prepared themselves for your glory, EAT THEIR SOULS and use that extra energy to achieve your dreams. That nose piercing already signals to the world that you’re a weird and, if Jezi Baba taught us anything, it’s that there’s great power in not having fucks to give anymore.