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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Apr 6, 2020

Holy Cats, HBs! We've got the second half of Even Odds by Elia Winters for you! Isabel and Caleb are now working in the same office and forced proximity is a beautiful thing! Plus, just like we promised... clit touchin'! 

Bonus Content: Rooster has lice, Rooster tries to profit off of newly homeless lice, how do you get a hold of a woman if you have both her email address and phone number?!, IKEA with Erin and Melody, aureole vs. areola, handling racist parents, and so much more! 

Lady Loves: 

Melody: molded eye masks! Don't wake up with a headache because your flat sleep mask has been pressing your eyeballs into your skull. Get you a molded one instead! 

Erin: if you can't find rice because people are stockpiling, check out the dried goods area because Rice-A-Roni is usually still available! 

Episode Sponsor: 

The Honey Don't List by Christina Lauren! It's a must-buy rom com about two assistants who need to keep their bosses together and feel an attraction to each other that is enemies to lovers goodness! It's out now so treat yourself! 

Patreon Shout Out: 

Nic C., you are descended from Hebe, the greek goddess of youth and cupbearer of Mount Olympus. As cupbearer, she served her fellow gods all their nectar and ambrosia, which kept them eternally young. Like Hebe, you are young at heart and love to bring that positive, wide-eyed energy to every group you encounter. Hebe had a heart for service and embodied the prime of life and those are qualities you have, and will, carry with you no matter your age. My personal theory is that she stayed so young because of her optimism and the fact that she couldn’t hold a grudge; she was worshipped as a goddess of forgiveness and mercy, so you have that going for you, too. Also, one of her titles directly translated to “Gladdening Princess” and I can’t think of a better title for someone who wears a fashion hat while delivering creative repartee and good vibes.

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