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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Dec 16, 2019

Hey HBs! OMG IT’S HAPPENING! Tiffany Reisz joined Melody to recap A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh! It’s a historical romance that features a forced marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers, excellent hate-sex, and HOLIDAY LOVE MAGIC! 

Tiffany also chats about her recent projects, THE ROSE which came out in April of 2019 and WINTER TALES, out now! 

CW: death of a parent. 

Bonus content: age 19 and all it’s trials, squeeing about hate sex, taking the train to crotchtown, and so much more! 

Lady Loves: 

Tiffany: Spring for the good moisturizer because you deserve it and welcome newcomers to holiday festivities with open arms! 

Melody: Be kind to yourself because this can be a really tough time of year and the lows should be honored along with the highs

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ROCKING HER BOAT by Melanie Edwards

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