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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

Hey HBs! Tessa Bailey joined Melody to recap the rom com Safety Not Guaranteed! It's an Aubrey Plaza/Mark Duplass flick that surprised us both with it's mix of odd, lovely, and full-hearted wonder. And we chat about her release Fix Her Up and podcast Read Me Romance! 

Bonus Content: toilet hair, *Bing Boong Bong* DO NOT RUN IN FRONT OF SOMEONE TARGET PRACTICING with Melody, werves, high school nostalgia, toddler drivers, and so much more! 

Lady Loves: 

Tessa: Get a mammogram. You need a healthy baseline, preferably before you're 40. Do it! 

Melody: Yeah, make that appointment you're putting off. I finally went to the dermatologist about a couple of moles and they're gone now! 

Episode Sponsor: Tempting Heat by Sara Whitney! It's a sassy, steamy, snowed-in second chance romance that is super witty. 

Patreon Shout Out: 

Jennifer L, you are a doxie, which is a small flying creature sometimes mistaken for a fairy, but get close enough and a careless observer will find they've made a big mistake. Doxies are sometimes called biting fairies because they have two rows of teeth don't put up with any bullshit. They also have extra limbs and poisonous venom. So, basically like fairies but better.