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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Dec 11, 2017

This week we tackle Christmas on Crimson Mountain by Michelle Major. We were craving a sweet Hallmark-movie-style romance featuring a small town, ice skating, hot chocolate, a winter cabin, a kitten named Jingle, and a heaping dose of Christmas cheer. What we got was that PLUS a beastly widower, a breast cancer survivor, lots of unsolicited grabbery, some light child neglect, and not one but TWO orphans! Buckle up, buttercups. 

Self love recommendations: 

- Shower? This should be a regular life thing, but Melody's in a place. It can wash away whatever's lingering, whether emotional or physical, and smelling nice is always the best way to tackle the day. We gotta start somewhere. 

- If you're injured, take some time for yourself. Don't go cross country skiing and ice skating trying to prove you're an "American Badass." You're not. Also, Melody proves once again that she's not a ice skate-ologist. Take your fancy terms and go to the Chiropractor, Erin!