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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast

Nov 4, 2019

Hey HB's! We're here with the climactic end to The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla by Lauren Willig! We're back with the Duke of Sexydom Lucien and Sally, Patron Saint of Self-Worth and crack detective to discover who the muuuuuuurdererrrrrr is! And also kissing! And fighting! And groveling! And love! And WEASELS! Yes please. 

Bonus Content: Erin is haunted and GOAT is capitalizing, sexy HB fanfic, LOTS of Melody fanfic, INTRIGUE, secret passages, and so much more. 

Lady Loves: 

Erin: Don't ingest things that are actually poisonous for you. Respect any *intolerances* you might have!

Melody: the show LETTERKENNY on Hulu. Go to there! 

Patreon Shout Out: 

Jenny Whitty, you are the lovechild of Eutychia, goddess of happiness, and Elpis, goddess of hope. From Eutychia you get your positive outlook, sunny disposition, and practice of random acts of kindness. Whether it’s big, like volunteering, or small, like introducing us to the reading sexy mudflap girl, you’re always there to lift others up. Now, the Greeks weren’t super into hope, they more saw it as an extension to human suffering, and there’s something sort of beautiful about that. So, from Elpis, goddess of hope, you get your healthy coping mechanisms and ability to take on big challenges. Life hasn’t been all roses and sunshine for you, but you push through the trials and pain and come out stronger on the other side because a big part of hope is belief, or faith, in yourself.